Brian Stelter
Debbie- that song is from a very awesome artist named Vinnie James titled "Always a Rebel" I believe its available around the internet. I met vinnie when he was living in Dutch Harbor working on a boat and playing at the local hotel resturaunt bar, surprisingly! Since he'sactually an emmy nominated singer songwriter for his workin the past. Awesome guy, awesome song!
Debbie Kowalski(non-registered)
Love the pictures and the video but most of all the SONG in your video. I think it's called "Storm Warning" but I could not find it on the internet. Please tell me how to get a hold of that CD the music goes so well with your stuff!
Jim O'Donnell
Fabulous stuff here brian!
Discus Emporium - Peggy Kapsalis(non-registered)
Happy New Year to you and your new expected family. Your photographs are wonderful, keep up the great work. Thanks for following us on twitter, you may want to check out our web site
Safe travels to you my friend.
John Anderson(non-registered)
All I can say is WOW! These photo's are just beautiful! Your very talented Brian, great job!
Michele LaFave(non-registered)
Nice color work Brian...nice overall subject matter too. Love the dragons.
Christine Gwinn(non-registered)
Beautiful photos, Brian!
Mindy DeVine(non-registered)
LOVE your photos, Brian....and this great site -- look super!!
Sue Cappelletti(non-registered)
Wow! Fantastic photos.....I have looked at them over and over and over. You are extremely talented and very lucky to have seen all that you have seen at such a young age. What you have experienced is what most people dream about doing their entire life! Thanks so much for sharing, and I am looking forward to many many more.
Debra Stelter(non-registered)
I love looking at your pictures. Your prospective is always so much better than other travel photos I have seen, because you bring life into them. Your videos are excellent. I will keep watching for updates.
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